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Buy Xylazine Online in Canada.

Horse tranquilizers such as xylazine and ketamine can have various effects on humans.

Xylazine, designated as a controlled substance in Pennsylvania, has been used by drug users in Philadelphia.

While it was approved by the FDA for veterinary use, trials in humans were halted due to respiratory depression.

Its impact on humans and its connection to flesh wounds are not fully understood.

Ketamine, a veterinary anesthetic, has sedative properties and can induce hallucinations at high doses.

Recreational use of ketamine can cause sedation, detachment from the body, confusion, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and other adverse effects.

Overdose can lead to muscle rigidity, high body temperature, coma, and even death.

Ketamine is addictive, with withdrawal symptoms including anxiety and violence. Buy Xylazine Online in Canada


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